• Sunset ride and BBQ
  • Be a cowboy for a day. Join us for a cowboy evening at Rancho Grande Park, the largest horse ranch on Mallorca. On arrival you have a welcoming drink and time to meet the dwellers of the ranch – our MINIZOO. After meeting the animals we’re ready to ride on the horses or choose The Sangria Wagon . It’s a 1 h ride through the typical landscapes of Mallorca. There are 4 different groups for you – 3 rider groups and our 4thgroup Sangria Express Wagon. After that try to be real cowboy and ride on our mecanical bull. Getting hungry by now. Our BBQ dinner is ready, followed by the live music and some simple line dances, thateveryonecan join in . The highlight of the evening is our equestrian performance where during 20 min you can enjoy the art of horseriding, as well as get familiar with some flamenco rhythms.

  • Ride on the horse or horse and carriage
    You decide

    Our sunset ride is 1 hr excursion where we ride in the forest. You can choose between the ride on the horse or the ride in our Sangria Express Wagon. Horseriders are offerd to ride acording to their abilities. Automatic – is a walking only group for all beginners, dont be scared if it is your first time.on the horse. Mini Turbo – group that requires basic riding knowledge and ability to do the rising trot.Turbo – a group for experienced riders. Be ready for the galop. Sangria Express Wagon is a great alternative for those ones, who are not too bothered to ride. Live music entertainment during the ride and lots of sangria in case you are thirsty. Be ready to sing along.

  • Great entertainment
    Mecanical rodeo bull competition, live music, linedance

    As this evening you are all cowboys and cowgirls, you have a great oportunity to get on the rodeo bull. Just a little fun game before the live music and of course the line dancing starts.There will be shown couple of very simple line dances, so everyone can join in.

  • BBQ dinner
    The real cowboy dinner

    Simple but tasty, that how we describe our food: Bread and alioli, chicken skewer, pork chops, salad, baked potato, ice cream.

  • Equestrian performance
    Fusion of the art of flamenco and horseriding

    You will see the beauty, power and elegance of our pure spanish bred horses moving in traditional flamenco rhythm. Unique performance that you wont find else where. Be ready to see it from very close, as the show takes place right on the terrace of the Ranch.