Unique experiance in Mallorca
Rancho Grande

The history of Rancho Grande goes back to the year 1964, where the idea of offering horse rides in this beautiful area of the North of Mallorca was born. The founders started Rancho with just 2 horses and a Mule offering riding excursions followed with BBQ by the fire place and guitar music. As the reputation of The Ranches outstanding service, simplicity and warmth grew through the years, so did its facilities. The amount of horses grew from 2 to nearly 100 all grown and bred in the farm. As well Rancho Grande has moved over from its first location in Puerto Pollenca to more spacious finca in Son Serra De Marina. The family of Martorell is sticking to their traditions already in the third generation. Either you want to go for a horse ride, walk a pony, see the mini zoo or just enjoy the children playing outdoors, when you visit the ranch you are truly a guest in their house.

  • More then 150 hectares of land to enjoy one of the best horseriding trails of Mallorca.
  • Outdoor restaurant terace
    The food in the unspoiled Ranches air tastes better

    Spacious terrace that opens spectacular views over the fields and mountains is perfect to make your evening special. Try the specialities of our restaurant, enjoy the evening entertainment with our live music and linedancing and offcourse dont leave without seeing our equestrian performance.

  • Indoor restaurant saloon
    Perfect place for your special events

    Our indoor soloon is ideal option for any events in the wintertime. All decorated in traditional Mallocan rustic style. Both saloons have chimneys to keep it nice and warm in the colder days. Our black suckling pig, ribeye steak are one of specialities of our restaurant.

    Native, regional and exotic animals

    In our Ranch you will find a little animal farm. Starting with our famous Porc Negre (Mallorcan Black Pig), that we are breeding ourselves, following by wild boar,ponys, donkeys, dozens of hens, turkeys, ducks, as well as some more exotic ones like little monkeys, ostriches, lamas, ara birds and a few more that you need to come over to see yourself.

  • Forest/beach
    Our horseriding excursions

    The rides starts in the area of Son Serra De Marina, where it goes through the unspoilt landscapes of the island - sandy roads, forest trails until we reach the spectacular views over the bay of Alcudia. Enjoy the ride in a tranquil atmosphere.

  • Children playground
    Activities in open air for the little ones

    The little ones are welcome to enjoy our Chiki park, the house with slides and ballbath, as well as our great, big bouncy castle, slides and swings in the playground and of couse the possibility to meet all the little dwellers of the Ranch - our animals.

  • Saddle room
    Where to ride horses

    All the horses are already prepared for our excursions by the guides. When the excursion starts the guides will meet you at the terrace to explain about the different riding groups provided, so you can choose the group suitable to your riding experience, as well as will provide a riding helmet.

  • Breeding of the Black Mallorcan Pigs
    The pearl of Rancho Grande

    Here in Rancho Grande we are proud to be able to breed our Black Mallorcan Pigs already for more than 50 years, an animal that is so typical for this island. We are members of Porc Negre Mallorqui Asociation, so if you eat in our restaurant definately try our speciality - suckling pig.

Visit the Ranch and be a Cowboy for a day

Rancho Grande has a long history behind. The story of the Ranch and the Cowboys started in Puerto Pollenca more than 50 years ago in one young family totally in love with each other and their horses. Their love to these animals made them start to breed horses, so in a few years their herd doubled and trippled. They started with the horseriding excursions for the toursits in the middle 50´s, followed by BBQ evenings in their Ranch by the fire place and guitar music. Nowadays the Ranch is situated in Son Serra de Marina, and their horse family has grown till more than a 100 horses. The nature and the animals, especially the horses, were, are and will be their passion, that they want to share with everyone who visits the Ranch.