• Black mallorcan suckling pig from Son Serra de Marina is a livestock farm that raise and feed their piglets folowing the extensive livestock procedure. From the very birth in the fields of the farm , the piglets graze and feed from the nature. Depending on the time of the year the piglets can enjoy carobs, figs, arbutus, grass and acorns, among other unique foods of the area. The amount of the pig mothers reaches 150 animals of pure mallorcan breed that are grazing on the fields of Son Serra de Marina, whose extension exceeds over 180 hectars


  • Extensive breeding
    In the farm of Rancho Grande

    The black mallorcan pig is born and raised in the Ranch in completely natural environment. What gives them extra strength and unique flavour.

  • Para llevar
    Unique place

    The piglets are raised in fantastic environment, where they can enjoy complete freedom living in the nature and growing in the place that is ecological. Feeding themselves from the food that they find in the forest.

  • Más productos de la casa KM0
    Cuando la porcelleta no es suficiente

    Disponemos de diferentes platos para picar con servicio a domicilio/para llevar:
    -Frito de porcelleta negra
    -Hojaldres de sobrasada de porc negre
    -Pimientos de padrón
    También disponemos de opción de pedidos reducidos debido a la situación actual:
    -½ Porcelleta negra para 4 personas
    -½ Cordero lechal mallorquín para 4 personas

  • Restaurant
    Black mallorcan suckling pig in our restaurat daily

    Our black mallorcan suckling pig is freshly prepared in our restaurant every day, served in the traditional way.with round little potato and salad